Pepper and her toys.

We found out when we adopted her that she really loved tennis balls!  They're now littered around the house, no one ever steps on them though, thankfully.

I give her old socks with a knot in the middle, we have to be careful with these though, because if she just chews it she can get pieces off of the sock and then eat it.  Probably wouldn't hurt her, though I'm no veterinarian.

I don't suggest getting rope toys, because they can actually get pieces off of the rope and eat it.

I've heard that they make doggy safe ice cream, I would love to get some for my dog, but it's probably expensive, and it might actually not be safe for dogs, I don't know.

 We still need to get her microchip set up, she was chipped before we adopted her, we also need to get her groomed, she's so smart every time we bring out her brush she sits and lets us brush her.

I just found out that Schnoodles are actually used for show jumping, Pepper can jump pretty high actually!

There are some tennis ball that you can buy that are made for a certain size of dog, but for a dog Peppers size a normal tennis ball works just fine, but you need to watch your dogs while they play with the tennis ball because they could pop it and eat a small piece of the ball, but unless your dog has some serious jaw power I doubt they could do it.  But I don't really know because I'm not a veterinarian so be sure to ask your veterinarian or just watch your dog!

I also don't suggest giving them an empty water bottle because they could eat some of the plastic, which could be bad for them I don't know, so be sure to ask a veterinarian if you really want to give them a water bottle to play with.

Hope you enjoyed this update post about Pepper!  Be sure to email me some cute pictures of your dogs!  Have a great day!!!

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